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Well , meet Uni-Cub , a Personal Transporter  manufactured by Honda . We are so familiar with Segway but unlike the Segway , the uni-cub comes with a seat !





Uni-cub | Balance control technology

While Honda has been associated with cars , motorcycles and even the Asimo  robot , the Japanese maker has unveiled its latest addition , a personal mobility device . Unlike the Segway , the UNI-CUB comes with a seat , a very unique seat on wheels that is very advance . There are no controls but by just shifting the weight of its rider , it allows the rider to control the speed , direction , turn and stops . This is made possible using its impressive balance control technology ,  Honda Omni Traction Drive System , which is a world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system .

Uni-Cub | Seat height

The Uni-cub measures  520 x 345 x 745 mm . Its seat has an adjustable range of  745 to 825 mm ,  equivalent to a pedestrian on foot at eye-level , making it very well suited for ordinary , daily , conversational use .

Uni-Cub | Power and range

The Uni-cub is powered  by lithium ion battery capable of a range of 6km at full charge . Top speed is 6km per hour . Basically , the  Uni-cub is  good enough for daily use . While the device will be undergoing a 10 month evaluation at the Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation , Honda has not indicated any plans to put this device into production for now

Uni-Cub | Advantages

The Uni-cub has 2 distinct advantages over the Segway ,  smaller form factor  and maintains eye-level contact with pedestrians .  Now , how much is it again ?

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