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What makes supercars ,   super cars ?

What makes  super carssuper cars ? Well I guess performance  in terms of speed has something to do with it , but performance is relative . A  super car  built in the 1950s or 1960s  with a V6 engine may not be able to match even some of our cars on the road  today , say for example the latest  V6  Yoyota Camry  . So therefore performance is relative depending upon the period we are referring to . But back then , these cars are the fastest supercars at that time or period .


Super cars | 200mph


In today’s car technology , to qualify as a supercar , the car needs to demonstrate a top speed beyond 200Mph .  To achieve this 200mph , several key areas  of engineering is required . First would be the engine technology to deliver the required torque and revs needed . Engine needs to be compact  , light weight , but yet delivers a ferocious and  enormous  power .


Super Cars |

Material and engineering technology

The kerb (Curb) weight needs to be as low as possible and this may require special carbon fibre technology to give the car the needed hardness , rigidity and strength , replacing the good old aluminium on the chasis and car body . The car needs to have superb aerodynamics to reduce friction and drag  to allow it to glide effortlessly .

With all this superb technology and engineering  designs and studies , couple with low volume ,  the super car definitely must cost a lot higher than ordinary vehicles .


Super cars | Today’s Super cars

In the 1990s , we had the Honda NSX which at that time was able to match that of the Ferrari  348 . But somehow Honda just would not want to pursue that route and the NSX was left to die a natural death . Without enhancement , modifications and improvements on the car , it just would not be able to match the later European cars that come about , such as the Ferraris 355 and the Porsche 911s

Today we may not have Honda in the super car league , but we still have the Lexus LFA and Nissan GT-R , which are Japanese , pitting against the well established European brands such as Ferraris , lamborghinis , Mercedes , Maseratti  , Porsche & Koenigsegg


Super Cars | Conclusions

Super cars are very fast cars which are focussed primarily on speed  . This is the  primary purpose of a super car . Everything else seems secondary such as comfort , fuel economy , style and price . For super cars , all the technology , design and engineering activities centred around ONE main objective , speed !!


Here is the photo of Honda NSX . Top speed is 171 mph

siper cars















Here is the photo of the Bugatti Veyron. Top speed 254 mph

super cars













super cars














Here is the photo of the Porsche 997 . GT9R . Top speed 257 mph

super cars


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