Super car | Lexus LFA vs Nissan GT-R R35

Super Car | Lexus LFA

There is a new member in the super car club . It has everything a super car ought to have …. high output engine , carbon fiber , paddle shift transmission , powerful brakes , aerodynamics features similar to that of a fighter planes and everything else  . Unlike most super cars , it is not Italian , its not German , its Japanese . Its called the LEXUS LFA !!!

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Super Car | Engine

This super car represent close to 10 years of hard work by Toyota brightest and smartest car engineers  , and the results is pretty astonishing . Under the hood is a 552 horse power , 4.8 litre , V10 engine . The engineers design the engine as small and as light weight as possible and although it has 10 cylinders , it weigh less than a V6 . The engine is manufactured by Yamaha and before the engines gets into the car , the engine went through a series of fine tuning by Yamaha sound instrument  engineers .

Super Car | Dashboard and weight

On the super car  dash board , the main panel  has a single LCD screen , displaying all the relevant information . The LFA will rev from idle to redline in just over  half a second . The conventional analog tachometer instrument simply cannot register and react quickly to this . Over 65% of the LFA is made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer , designed and manufactured in house . According to Toyota , the carbon fiber construction is similar to aeronautical standards . The LFA is one of the most ferocious car to ever  comes out of Japan ….. or is it ?

The Lexus LFA versus Nissan GT-R . It has never been an ALL Japan title  fight quite like this   . We just want to know who is faster over a quarter mile . The LFA wins barely . Watch the race again but this time more closely . At the start ,  the all rear LFA is at a disadvantage compared to the all wheel drive GT-R and its superior traction . By the time the car reached 60MPH , the GT-R is still in the lead with its quick start and aggressive gearing . The Nissan GT-R hit 60 MPH in just 3.5s , while the Lexus trailed behind by just 0.3s . Around the middle of the track the tables starts to turn . The GT-R gearing advantage begins to count for less than the higher revving and more powerful engine of the LFA . By the finishing line , the LFA has  just manage to lead  ahead of the GT-R    by completing the quarter mile in 11.8s at 123MPH . The GT-R is just a tick behind with 11.9s at 120.1MPH

(LFA lexus vs Nissan Skyline GT-R R35 by Nabeel_Govitec 7 production)

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