Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars | Why hybrid cars ?

Hybrid cars

Recently there is a lot of talk about hybrid cars .  Over the last few decades , scientists all over the world has been actively looking for alternatives to our conventional  petroleum based technology cars . Solar vehicles has some initial breakthroughs but its technology is still very much in infancy stage to be able to match or come close to what we have today as far as our cars are concerned . With pressure coming from environmentalist  who constantly push for reduction in global pollution  and with the  significant  increase in oil prices over the years  , alternatives to our current existing technology is well sought after  . Recently ,  battery powered vehicles has scored some success and seems to have over-taken the initial solar technology for vehicles . Today , we have several car manufacturers  who has already started production of these hybrid cars in reasonable quantities to meet the demand of the consumers.


Hybrid cars | The beginning ..

Its first goal of the needed technology is to go green . Second is the power  to match or come close to the existing technology for cars . Scientists already knew at that time that not only we already have rechargeable batteries but also batteries were undergoing tremendous change to go green as well  , with the reduction of mercury and lead .  So battery technology pose  a very good candidate or alternatives  , except that many more research  and years are  required to replace the current technology completely .  So as an interim , scientists and car manufacturers came up with Hybrid cars that has  both the current petroleum base and the newer  battery  technologies  incorporated together . However , many didn’t know that the first car with this hybrid technology was available in the early 1950s . Of course back then , it just cannot match the speed and power of petrol-based cars

Hybrid cars | Advantages

There are many advantages of hybrid cars and some of them are listed below


1 . One of the most important  and distinct advantage is the direct cost savings for the consumers . Hybrid cars with the additional battery actually helps to reduce  the petroleum consumption by as much as 50% . The use of dual  technology which allows the car to use both petrol and electricity to power a car allows  significant savings especially with the increased in oil price over the last few years


2 . Hybrid cars are eco friendly for it generates only 30% of emissions compared to conventional cars  . Being eco-friendly means less air pollution and therefore has a direct and immediate impact to the slowing down of global warming . In recent years , we have wild swings in global weather conditions where we have seen the worst  snow , droughts , floods and many other natural disasters associated with global warming . Everyone can play a part to reduce this impact by simply embracing and going green eventhough many world governments have started to take actions to promote green energy . We do our part by acting now than never .


3. World governments in order to change mindsets of her citizens to embrace green energy is to provide incentives to switch to eco-friendly , hybrid cars . Hybrid cars with the use of dual technology is relatively more expensive than conventional car and in order to “off-set” this higher capital out-lay , some form of tax credit policies and  incentives  are  needed  to shift and drive  consumers to making that switch to hybrid cars  .


4. In the area of car maintenance , hybrid cars has a lower maintenance cost than conventional  car . In the long run , with lower maintenance cost ,  government incentives and savings in fuel consumption , hybrid cars should be more attractive than conventional cars in terms of overall cost of ownership .  As the battery technology matures and more  hybrid cars are being produced , overall cost of hybrid cars should trend lower and become affordable to everyone .





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