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flying carJust like the cartoon , The Jetsons who goes to work in his small space ship  , the flying car is making its round in the recent New York Auto show . How different is this Flying car from Terrafugia be different from the past ?

Flying Car | The concept

In the past ,  most flying car was modeled from a car and then morphed into a plane . This Terrafugia flying car , dubbed Transition , started as a plane and then attempt to fit in a car . A flying car has always been a dream of many enthusiasts . According to Carl Dietrich , Terrafugia’s founder , it wasn’t until 2004 when FAA created a new category of aircraft that Carl thinks that there is a business potential in the flying car . Carl’s goal isn’t about novelty surrounding the flying car , but it has to be something practical to make it eventually to a everyday man’s car . Furthermore , selling flying car has to be a business that is viable and yet profitable . [see full story here]

Flying Car | The Obstacles

The Transition is priced at USD$279k , which is very close to the  price of a brand new  cessna skyhawk 172 . It is already street legal and  it greatest challenge comes from the controls needed for flying and driving . The easiest to do this is probably best to keep them separated . So the Transition comes with a steering wheel for driving and a control stick for flying . There are rudders for flying and steering on the runway , and an accelerator and brake pedal for driving. Also the Transition is designed as a light sports aircraft so that it does not require FAA certification and will  confine to flying only in day light and clear skies .

Flying Car | Features

The Transition has 2 electric motors powering the retractable wing , and the wings are fully extended within 30s from its vertical stand-still position . Transition uses a premium automotive fuel with consumption at 6.7l/100km while driving or 18.9l/hr while cruising .  As a flying car , it can take off and land in the air fields only and subsequently , the driver or pilot can literally fold up the wings and drive home to its parking garage .   For  more information about this flying car , see here . For video see here . Hopefully we get to see more of this flying car !!

flying carterrafugia transition


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