Futuristic Cars

Futuristic cars | EO car from DFKI

The most recent 2012 CeBIT tech fair , held in Hannover , Germany , the world’s biggest , showcased some very interesting futuristic cars .   There is this car that simply amazes you with its features ,  ideas and concepts from DFKI  . Its called the EO . This is a photograph of these futuristic cars and their amazing features

Futuristic cars




Futuristic cars | Features of the EO car

  • 100% battery/electric  powered
  • gull-wing doors . Easy to get out of car when parked in a  small parking area
  • it can lengthen and shorten itself. Great for parking if you have a really tight space . Just shorten it !!
  • rotate its wheels by 90 degrees to allow easy parking .


Futuristic cars














The EO car has this ability to link and hooked up to one  another , forming a chain , like a train  .  It allows coupling while in motion .

Why would you want the car to be hooked up in chains ? Well , the idea is that if you have a car that is low in battery (by the way , these cars are electric powered) , the chain will allow the low battery powered cars to be recharged . Basically , power sharing . You can watch the video of the EO here .

 Futuristic Cars | Beyond 50 years

Imagine how cars will be like in 2060 .  Most cars by then should be electric powered . There will be  more human and machine interactions . There is no need for a steering wheel and cars  not only interact with the “drivers or owners” but on the environment as well , such as other vehicles through all types of sensors .

Car sensors can judge the owners emotion and change colours or its shape . Cars will be able to interact with surrounding vehicles and building automatically . Cars will be without steering wheels and speed automatically adjusted with traffic routes defined with minimum human intervention, therefore reducing tragic accidents .

Most of the technologies are already available today . Need to give time for the technology to mature , and cost effective to be implemented on the vehicles . I am sure that day will come and soon ….

Welcome futuristic cars




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